Box Culverts & Large Pipes and Tanks

Teksam production stations are available production of a variety of large precast elements including box culverts, large pipe, and large tanks or vaults. The stations utilize our VUBX vibration table design sized to fit the product requirements up to 4 meter x 3.5 meter (13 ft x 12 ft) interior dimension.  With the VUBX vibration table the products produced can be round, square, rectangular, or other shapes for maximum product versatility and flexibility.


The concrete hopper and feed conveyor are mounted on rails to allow lateral movement for filling various geometries. The concrete feed conveyor itself is designed to evenly distribute concrete into the product walls regardless of shape by means of PLC control. Once the product parameters are determined for each product, the coordinates are stored by size for the future; so all the operator has to do is call up the program for the product and start the machine.


System features & Benefits

  • Teksam vibration technology with variable frequency and amplitude for each product.
    Our superior vibration system produces a denser, more uniformly consolidated product. This allows for production of non-reinforced and thin wall products.
  • PLC Control System programmable for up to 99 different products.
    Consistency in product quality and the flexibility to add different products.
  • Only one operator required at the machine.
    Reduced man hours per piece means cost savings every day.
  • System Flexibility
    Designed to fit your plant.
  • System Productivity - can be sized for a wide variety of production goals and automation packages.
    Designed to meet your daily production needs. Stations are available for production up to 4 metre  x 3.5 metre.