Pancast Machines

Teksam Pancast machines are available in many variations, from manual single crane setups to
automated machines using multiple cranes providing maximum production levels and efficiencies.

Our machines offer a major advantage over other systems, because products can be stacked directly on top of each other.
Other systems require expensive steel pallets to isolate each finished slat from any load until it is cured.
Our superior vibration system produces a finished slat that is dense enough and strong enough to stack one on top of the other
with only a wood pallet in between.

This saves money in two ways – initial capital costs and daily operational costs. Moreover, time is saved
by not having to handle large heavy steel pallets and by stacking more products can be produced in a smaller space.

Our Pancast machines are available in three standard types – Pancast4080, Pancast4125
and Pancast5125, for the production of products up to 1.25 m. wide and 5 m. long.

However, customized machinery is possible upon request for specific product requirements.

Machine for production of hog and cattle slats
Pancast machine with hog slats
Pancast machine for the production of hog and cattle slats


Here, you can see a table of the different standard Pancast systems we can offer. If none of these match your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Machine Type

Pancast 4080

Pancast 4125

Pancast 5125

Max. Product Length

4 m. / 13 feet

4 m. / 13 feet

5 m. / 16 feet

Max. Product Width

0.8 m. / 2.6 feet

1.25 m. / 4 feet

1.25 m. / 4 feet

Max. Product Height

0.3 m. / 1 foot

0.9 m. / 3 feet

0.9 m. / 3 feet

Max. Product Weight

3000 kg. / 7000 lbs.

4000 kg. / 9000 lbs.

5000 kg. / 11000 lbs.