Automated Production Stations

The idea of building machines based on standard modules has been a priority for us since the beginning and has led to a significant number
of customized automated production plants being engineered, built, and utilized for the production of special concrete products.

These machines have been designed based on customer requirements for production of standardized high volume products.
These include meter boxes, grade rings, and manhole components.

The advantages of automated production are that the producer can meet the market demands for a particular product
with reduced labor cost, reduced fatigue for the operator, and provide consistent and uniform product quality.
The automated product line can include both the production machine and post production handling systems.

In addition with Teksam’s unique hydraulic vibration system with variable frequency and amplitude, products with
thin walls and no traditional steel reinforcement are possible.

Today, our portfolio of automated plants consists of the MBM2000, Normandy System, GM1250, SPSM1200, and the new MHM1600.


The MBM2000 system is a fully automated machine, originally designed and built for the production of products such as meter and utility boxes. It is a self-contained and highly developed machine where all functions are hydraulically driven and controlled by one operator from the control console.

Over the years, the machine has evolved for the mass production of trenches and u-channels in lay lengths up to 500 mm. / 20”.

Fully automated Meter box machine
Meter boxes for water municipalities


The ABM2000 is a smart choice for the production of a variety of box-type products, but can easily produce round products as well. It is also a great choice for the automated production of complete manhole systems – going from the base section through the riser sections, reducing slabs, concentric/eccentric cones, adjusting/grade rings, and cover slabs. The system is highly automated and can produce products with or without reinforcement.


The GM1250 system is engineered for high capacity production of manhole components, utility products, catch basins, and many other products made on steel pallets.

The high capacity is obtained by leaving the molds on the vibration unit during the complete cycle. The finished products are ejected from the mold and removed on steel pallets by an overhead manipulator while a new steel pallet is automatically placed in the machine.


(Stationary Production Station with Manipulator)

The SPSM1200 is a stationary production station with an integrated manipulator. The manipulator was designed to improve work conditions for operators of our stationary production stations. Its function is automatic mold handling and automatic demolding of dry-cast concrete products, which increases product quality & output, compared to the manual handling of the same functions. The manipulator is hydraulically activated and includes PLC control.

The SPSM1000, nowadays mostly sold as a SPSM1200, has been delivered to customers spread around the world. To mention a few locations, it can be found in Norway, Austria, and in the USA.

We also have the SPSM1600 – the newest addition to the family, sold in 2018 for the first time to customers in Norway and USA.