About teksam

Teksam was founded in Denmark in 1979 and has since supplied the concrete industry with high performance equipment.
We design and build customized dry cast production machinery and mold equipment that fits our customers’ needs.

We produce machinery and molds for the production of anything from grade rings, manholes and pipes to pig & cattle slats,
median barriers and u-channels. Moreover, we can also supply you with the perfect coring machine for your concrete products!

Everything considered, we can almost guarantee that any concrete product you may be selling
– we can design and build a solution for the production and handling of it!

Furthermore, we work closely with our customers, making sure that nothing is left to chance in the process. In the same way,
we customize production solutions to meet customer requirements, because we are driven, and we are reliable from end-to-end.


Teksam is a trustworthy supplier of high quality concrete production machines and mold equipment.
You can trust that we are involved in the process from the beginning to the end – and longer than that, if needed.

The planning begins with sellers who ask any necessary details to the quote

The Planning

Firstly, when we receive a request for a quote, our sellers will always ask for any necessary details to provide the customer with a detailed quote that can be taken into consideration. The goal will always be to determine the customers’ needs to the maximum extent possible, before giving a quote.

Our house engineers study the details and design the solution that fits the requirements of the project

The Engineering

Secondly, our house engineers dive into the details to study and calculate their way to the solution that best fits all the requirements of the project. They develop the necessary detailed work drawings for our welders and production people to build from. There is no room for error if the result is expected to be of the high quality that we strive to achieve.

Our in-house welders do all the building

The Building

Next, our in-house welders get to work. They are in continuing dialogue with the engineers throughout the process. This ensures that no misunderstandings occur. The advantage of being a small production facility in size is that we only need to cross the yard to communicate with each other and have full control over the entire process.

Installation and service is always made by Teksam representatives

The Installation

In a few cases, our customers have chosen to install machines themselves. However, we always recommend that we play a role in this important step. Typically, our technician will travel to the customer destination, and install the machinery. Depending on what type of machinery is to be installed, the duration of the stay can vary.


By using innovative engineering, Teksam provides effective and profitable concrete production systems. They combine our unique vibration technology with standardized machinery modules, in order to create a custom solution tailored to each customer’s needs and requirements.

Coring machines

The Teksam coring machine balances both speed and pressure control of the drill bit. This principle allows the bits to clean themselves during drilling, and thereby maximize the life of the bits and the overall efficiency of the operation. 

Production Systems

Our VU tables are round and applied for our production stations, designed for producing smaller quantities of products. Our VUX tables are X-shaped, and are typically applied for the production of smaller round products, such as manhole components, pipes, septic tanks etc.

Automated Production Stations

Teksam Automated Production Stations have been designed based on customer requirements for production of standardized high volume products. For example, these include meter boxes, grade rings, and manhole components.

Pancast Machines

Teksam Pancast machines come in many variations, from manual single crane setups to automated machines using multiple cranes. Our superior vibration system produces a finished slat that is dense and strong enough to stack one on top of the other with a wood pallet in between.

Pipecast Machines

Teksam Pipecast Machines are very suitable for the production of all known types of concrete pipes, whether they are reinforced or non-reinforced, with lining as well as without. The machines are also suitable for a dual station setup, which increases both output and product range. 


What is Dry-Cast?

Dry-cast concrete is a very dry type of concrete mix with zero slump, where just enough water is introduced to initiate the cement hydration. Working with this type of concrete requires having the correct equipment. This is because it needs a very high level of vibration energy to make the concrete move and thoroughly consolidate in the mold.

The advantages of dry-cast:

  • Increases production output on a daily basis.
  • Lower labor requirement in man hours per ton.
  • Requires only one form per product as the form is immediately stripped once casting is complete.
  • Lower cement costs, dry-cast typically requires 20 to 25% less cement per cubic meter or yard.
  • Faster strength gain, design strength can be obtained in as little as 24 hours of curing.
  • Less shrinkage and creep due to the lower water content.
  • Reduces absorption, it is a tighter matrix.
  • Increases freeze/thaw durability.

Dry-casting requires an investment in machine that can pour, consolidate, and then allow the form to be removed and stripped. The machine is commonly designed in order to be able to make a range of products and only form for each product is required, yielding significant savings to the producer versus having to invest in multiple forms for each individual product as is the case with wet-casting.

Moreover, in many cases dry-casting can require less space than wet-cast production. This is because some dry-casted concrete products can be stacked immediately on top of each other with no consequence to product quality.

As mentioned above, the dry-cast business requires equipment suitable for it. Products that are manufactured with zero slump concrete need to be consolidated through intense vibration. In addition, the machinery and molds used for this process must be designed to withstand the impacts of such vibrations. Strong and rigid equipment will transfer the vibration energy much more effectively to the concrete. As a result, highest quality products are produced.