Coring Machines

While many of our customers produce precast concrete products that have cast in openings, many also make extensive use of cored holes. 

To meet these needs, we strive to build the finest performing, most dependable coring machines in the world, and deliver the service and solutions to maximize our customers’ success. 

We have been producing coring machines since 1989, steadily increasing our offerings, and today we offer a full line of hydraulic machines to meet any coring need of a precast element producer.

The Teksam coring machine balances both speed and pressure control of the drill bit. This principle allows the bits to clean themselves during drilling, and thereby maximize the life of the bits and the overall efficiency of the operation.  

The machines are also equipped with automatic load sensing technology to prevent overload or locking of the bits when encountering steel reinforcements. 

By incorporating these features into the fundamental design of the machine, the operator is able to leave the machine during drilling and perform other tasks which greatly increases productivity.

Currently, we offer three different models described in more detail below.

Coring machine for concrete cored holes

HCSP Model

The HCSP model is a portable station – mounted on a self-supporting frame for easy movement in the plant or transportation to other locations. 

It features hydraulic movements of the turntable, drilling height, and drill tower position. Drilling height and drilling angle are visually displayed on the control panel. While the machine’s standard configuration is with three-step drilling speed, infinite speed control is available as an optional feature. 

HDD Model

The HDD is the same as the HCSM, but it employs a double turntable. An operator can remove and replace a cored element while another section is being cored. This allows near continuous production possibilities.

HCSM Model

The HCSM takes the coring machine one step further by mounting it on a moving platform. This allows for drilling offset holes and drilling in large structures, including noncircular structures such as septic tanks. The design gives the producer greater flexibility in their drilling operations. 

Our customers can choose to incorporate a full touch screen automation package. A laser positioning system is used to ensure accuracy on the locating and drilling of holes. This way, the operator only needs to feed in the particular details of the holes to be cored and the machine takes over, rotating the turntable to the correct angle, adjusting the drill tower height, and making the core itself.

To make the machine completely user friendly, a plug ejector feature and a quick connect system for drill bit changeover is available. The plug ejector eliminates any problems associated with removing the plug from the bit. The quick connect bit system allows the operator to change bits in a matter of seconds, speeding up production.

Standard and optional features for Teksam Coring Machines