about teksam

Teksam was founded in 1979 and has since supplied the concrete industry with high performance equipment.

Machine for production of hog and cattle slats

What we do

At Teksam, we design and build customized dry cast production machinery and mold equipment that fits our customers’ needs.

We produce machinery and molds for the production of anything from grade rings, manholes and pipes to pig & cattle slats, median barriers and u-channels. Not only that, but we can also supply you with the perfect coring machine for your concrete products!

Everything considered, we can almost guarantee that any concrete product you may be selling – we can design and build a solution for the production and handling of it!

Furthermore, we work closely with our customers, making sure that nothing is left to chance in the process. We customize production solutions to meet customer requirements, because we are driven, and we are reliable.

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Teksam is a trustworthy supplier of high quality concrete machinery, and we are involved in the process from the beginning.

The planning begins with sellers who ask any necessary details to the quote

The Planning

We help the customer in the planning process and make sure that all aspects have been taken into consideration.

When we receive a request for a quote, our sellers will always ask for any necessary details to provide the customer with a detailed quote that can be taken into consideration. The goal will always be to determine the customers’ needs to the maximum extent possible, before giving a quote.

Typically, a quote will be revised further after the customer reviews it, as new ideas and needs tend to emerge. The planning process can be as short and as long as the job requires it to be. Teksam is very invested in it, because the planning will set the standard for the rest of the process.

While the actual engineering of a specific machine does not start until all details are, our house engineers will join in on the planning. They are experts in their field, and will be able to help the customer understand the possibilities that our machinery can give them. At the same time, if challenges occur, our engineers will work hard to provide the best possible solution for any given challenge.

Our house engineers study the details and design the solution that fits the requirements of the project

The Engineering

Teksam is known for its innovative engineering! When all details have been planned and agreed upon, the engineers take over and construct the machines to fit the customers’ specific needs.

There are various aspects to what our house engineers do when working on a project. They dive into the details and study and calculate their way to the solution that best fits all the requirements of the project. They develop the necessary detailed work drawings for our welders and production people to build from. There is no room for error if the result is expected to be of the high quality that we strive to achieve.

Although we at Teksam pride ourselves with being able to build custom machinery from standardized modules, Teksam engineers are not afraid to create something never-been-done-before, if this is what the project requires.

Our engineers also make sure to keep in touch with the customer, following up on projects to ensure that the result is as intended.

Our in-house welders do all the building

The Building

When the engineering part of the process reaches the final stages, we begin the actual build of the machines right here in our Danish headquarters.

Our in-house welders get to work, first and foremost. They are in continuing dialogue with the engineers throughout the process, which ensures that no misunderstandings occur. The advantage of being a small production facility in size is that we only need to cross the yard to communicate with each other.

Ninety nine per cent of all that we do is completed in-house, meaning that we can stand by our products. Our welders are experienced in exactly this type of work, creating machines and molds in large dimensions.

As the building of the machines proceeds, all parts are sent to our own in-house paint-shop. Teksam equipment is painted in the recognizable blue & yellow colors that we all know and love.

Our in-house electrical department starts work on all the electrical details of the machines, and on the PLC.

At the end of this stage we reach the assembly of the machine. Our assembly department, along with the electrical department assembles the machines and make sure that all parts are functioning as intended. When all is set and done, all machines and equipment are prepped for shipment, and loaded on trucks by our own people once again, making sure that when Teksam equipment leaves our facility, it is of the high quality that is expected.

Installation and service is always made by Teksam representatives

The Installation

Next step is in the customers’ factory, where our technicians install the machine.

In a few cases, our customers have chosen to install machines themselves, but we always recommend that we play a role in this.

Typically, our technician will travel to the customer destination, and install the machinery. Depending on what type of machinery is to be installed, the duration of the stay can vary.


NPCA – National Precast Concrete Association

The NPCA represents manufacturers of precast concrete products, as well as suppliers for the industry, such as Teksam. Teksam has been a proud and active member since 2012.

The association strives to help members operate successful plants, by providing the necessary information and assistance.

How? Simply by:

  • Providing the largest and most comprehensive plant certification program.
  • Educating employees of precast companies through various types of courses.
  • Creating publications and other material to keep members informed.
  • Developing marketing resources.
  • Hosting an annual Convention, as well as The Precast Show, every year to create networking opportunities in the industry.


NPCA values

  • Integrity.
  • Advancement.
  • Service.
  • Collaboration.
  • Communication.
To learn more about the NPCA, visit www.precast.org

ACPA – American Concrete Pipe Association

The ACPA was founded in 1907, and was originally named the Interstate Cement Tile Manufacturers Association. In 1914 it was renamed the American Concrete Pipe organization.

Its purpose was to create the means of exchanging ideas, and the opportunity to establish high quality standardized products.

There are 400+ plants in the USA and Canada operated by ACPA members, and 40+ countries represented.

To learn more about the ACPA, visit www.concretepipe.org


The Precast Show

Every year, in February/March, The Precast Show is held in different cities around the USA – a trade show organized by the NPCA, featuring heavy equipment, tools, products and services.

Teksam has participated in the show since 1985, and will continue to do so in the future. The Precast Show gives us the opportunity to meet many of our existing customers in a different environment. This allows us to discuss plans and issues that we do not get around to discussing rest of the year.

We also get the chance to meet new potential customers, who are able to seek us out and ask the questions that need to be asked when considering a machinery purchase. We are able to show our dedication and passion to this industry in real life.

As a company residing in Denmark, but almost entirely having customers overseas, this is very important.

To learn more about The Precast Show, visit www.precast.org/theprecastshow/


2019 was the first year of Teksam’s participation in Bauma.
This is the world’s largest concrete industry exhibition.

The entire industry gathered for one week in one place:

  • Construction sites.
  • Mining, extraction and processing of raw materials.
  • Machines and facilities to produce.
  • Components and service suppliers.

It is held every three years and has a duration of 7 full days.

BAUMA 2019:

  • 614,000 m² of exhibition space.
  • 3,684 exhibitors from 62 countries.
  • 627,603 visitors from 217 countries.
  • 1,392 journalists and media representatives from 39 countries.
To learn more about BAUMA, visit www.bauma.de


In 2017, Teksam attended the Excon exhibition in India for the first time.

This is the largest construction equipment exhibition in South Asia, and it is held every second year in Bangalore, India.

Facts about Excon:

  • The display area is 250,000 m2.
  • There are 1,000+ exhibitors – including approximately 275 from abroad.
  • Excon has 40,000+ business visitors.
  • The event is UFI approved.
  • There are 300+ product launches.
To learn more about EXCON, visit www.excon.in