Production Systems

Teksam has developed various production systems over the years. The original thought was to create systems based on the type of vibration table used.
Since the beginning, our product portfolio has grown vastly, however in the early years we developed systems based on VU and VUX tables.

Our VU tables are square and applied for our production stations, designed for producing smaller concrete products.
These production stations can either be stationary or portable.

Our VUX tables are X-shaped, and are typically applied for the production of smaller round products, such as manhole components,
pipes, septic tanks etc. See more examples.

We have designed several systems based on the X-shaped vibration table, each with a number following the X. This number indicates the maximum inside dimension in mm of the products that are to be produced on the system.
Today we produce the X1250L, X1500L, X2000L, X2500L and the X3000L, some of which are also available as dual stations.


(Portable Production Station)

The PPS1000 is a self-contained portable production station. It is mounted on a platform that allows the customer to move it between different locations by means of a forklift.

Upon arrival, the concrete hopper is mounted, hydraulic oil filled, power connected, and the system is ready to start production.

The PPS1000 has proven to be one of our most popular machines, and with a payback time of less than one year, the PPS1000 machine is well worth your investment.

On several occasions, we have seen this machine traded second hand at a higher value than a new machine.

This machine is specifically designed for the production of concrete products in a limited amount – such as adjusting/grade rings, curb stones, lids, utility boxes.

Our PPS1000 machine can be found producing concrete products around the world, for example in India, Poland, Norway, Canada, USA, Belgium etc.


(Stationary Production Station)

The SPS1000 basically has the same functions as the PPS1000 – the only difference is that this machine is a stationary production station.

It is suitable for the production of the same type of concrete products and will produce the same output as the PPS1000.

X1250L Production System

The X1250L system is especially well suited for the production of manhole risers, concentric/eccentric cones, base sections, adjusting/grade rings, covers, catch basins etc.

The buildup of the machine usually consists of the following elements:

  • A vibration unit
  • Hydraulically activated mold clamps
  • A pit cover
  • A press head
  • A belt feeder
  • A concrete distributor
  • A hydraulic power pack
  • Electrical equipment
  • A control panel

The X1250L is developed for the production of concrete products that have a maximum inside diameter of 1200 mm.* / 48”. The height maximum is 1500 mm. / 5 feet and weight maximum of 3000 kg. / 6600 lbs.

The X1250L is currently producing concrete products in Canada, USA, Norway, Germany and Mexico among others.

X2000L Production System

The X2000L system is well suited for the production of high-volume products such as riser sections, cones, bases etc.

Step holes can be formed automatically and lifting provisions can be cast in.

The buildup of the machine usually consists of the following elements:

  • A vibration unit
  • Four hydraulically activated mold clamps
  • Four hydraulically activated core clamps
  • A belt feeder
  • A concrete distributor
  • An elevator stand
  • A pit cover
  • A hydraulic power pack
  • High voltage distribution system
  • Power communication and air distribution system
  • A PLC control panel

The X2000L is developed for the production of concrete products that have a maximum inside diameter of 2000 mm.* / 72”. The height maximum is 2500 mm. / 8 feet and weight maximum of 10000 kg. / 22000 lbs.

The X2000L can be found in multiple locations in both North America and Europe. For example, it produces precast concrete products in Canada, USA, Norway, Sweden and in Denmark.

Dual Station Production Systems

For some of our customers, who produce high-on-demand products, our dual stations are a good fit. The dual stations match the output of two single production systems but will take up less space in the factory. This is a great advantage and will minimize the need for investing in an expansion of plant space. At the same time, fewer operators are needed, as a dual station is basically just one machine that produces twice the output. As another advantage of a dual station, the non-stop production can be mentioned – meaning that the customer does not need to stop production during mold change, because production can continue on the second station.

Today, we usually produce dual versions of the PPS1000, X1250L and the X2500L, however, we have been known to combine the X1250L with an X1500L, for example.

Generally, custom solutions are available for most of the systems that we produce, and the dual station as a concept was developed in very close cooperation with our customers. Dual stations are a good choice for the production of products such as adjusting/grade rings, utility boxes, and several manhole components.

The Teksam dual station includes several upgrades, such as the height adjustable belt feeder with a quick-change concrete distributor.
This allows the customer to produce different types of products on 2 vibration tables, but with the use of only one common belt feeder.

This optimizes the production greatly, which means that the dual station has the capacity to produce up to 120 cycles per 8-hour shift.

Currently, we have dual stations located in India, Belgium, Canada, Mexico, and USA among others.

*Originally the X1250 was produced for a few markets that produced concrete products in diameters of 1250 mm., however, as we expanded to other markets, the size specifications changed to 1200 mm. in diameter – the name of the machine, however, stuck.
Teksam dual station producing pipes of all sizes and shapes
Teksam dual station producing pull boxes and pits








Maximum Inside

Diameter of Products

1200 mm. / 48“

1500 mm. / 60“

2000 mm. / 72”

2500 mm. / 96”

3000 mm. / 120”

Maximum Height

of Products

1500 mm. / 5 feet

2000 mm. / 6 feet

2500 mm. / 8 feet

3000 mm. / 10 feet

3000 mm. / 10 feet

Maximum Product


3000 kg. /6600 lbs.

6000 kg. / 13200 lbs.

10000 kg. / 22000 lbs.

14000 kg. / 30900 lbs.

28000 kg. / 61700 lbs.