Pipe/Manhole System

Teksam X1250 – X1500 – X2000 – X2500 – X3000

For production of Manhole Components - Pipes - Septic Tanks and other typical round products we have designed a number of systems based on the X vibration table.

The number after the X is the maximum inside dimension of the products that are to be produced on the system.

All of the systems have unidirectional (vertical) vibration with infinitely adjustable frequency and amplitude, which makes them not only very efficient for the consolidation of concrete but also very versatile in terms of ensuring an optimum surface appearance of the concrete. The vibration tables are of a very sturdy and rigid design and by locking the mold to the table this ensures that the vibratory energy is transmitted into the concrete. These design elements minimize wear on the form equipment as well as ensuring that the changeover of form equipment can be accomplished in a short time.

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