The planning

We help the customer in the planning process and make sure that all aspects have been taken into consideration.

When we receive a request for a quote, our account managers will make sure to ask any necessary details to provide the customer with a detailed quote
that can be taken into consideration. The goal will always be to determine the customers’ needs to the maximum extent possible, before giving a quote.

Typically, a quote will be revised further after the customer reviews it, as new ideas and needs tend to emerge.
The planning process can be as short and as long as the job requires it to be.
Teksam is very invested in it, because the planning will set the standard for the rest of the process.

While the actual engineering of a specific machine does not start until all details are, our house engineers will join in on the planning.
They are experts in their field, and will be able to help the customer understand the possibilities that our machinery can give them.
At the same time, if challenges occur, our engineers will work hard to provide the best possible solution for any given challenge.

Teksam engineering drawings and planning of production systems for concrete products
Teksam engineering and planning of production systems for concrete products