The engineering

Teksam is known for its innovative engineering! When all details have been planned and agreed upon, the engineers take over and
construct the machines to fit the customers’ specific needs.

There are various aspects to what our house engineers do when working on a project. They dive into the details and study and calculate their way to the solution
that best fits all the requirements of the project. They develop the necessary detailed work drawings for our welders and production people to build from.
There is no room for error if the result is expected to be of the high quality that we strive to achieve.

Although we at Teksam pride ourselves with being able to build custom machinery from standardized modules, Teksam engineers are not afraid
to create something never-been-done-before, if this is what the project requires.

Our engineers also make sure to keep in touch with the customer, following up on projects to ensure that the result is as intended.