The building

When the engineering part of the process reaches the final stages, we begin the actual build of the machines right here in our Danish headquarters.

Our in-house welders get to work, first and foremost. They are in continuing dialogue with the engineers throughout the process, which ensures
that no misunderstandings occur. The advantage of being a small production facility in size is that we only need to cross the yard to communicate with each other.

Ninety nine per cent of all that we do is completed in-house, meaning that we can stand by our products.
Our welders are experienced in exactly this type of work, creating machines and molds in large dimensions.

As the building of the machines proceeds, all parts are sent to our own in-house paint-shop.
Teksam equipment is painted in the recognizable blue & yellow colors that we all know and love.

Our in-house electrical department starts work on all the electrical details of the machines, and on the PLC.

At the end of this stage we reach the assembly of the machine. Our assembly department, along with the electrical department assembles the machines
and make sure that all parts are functioning as intended. When all is set and done, all machines and equipment are prepped for shipment,
and loaded on trucks by our own people once again, making sure that when Teksam equipment leaves our facility, it is of the high quality that is expected.

In-house welding for Teksam machinery
CNC machine drilling for Teksam equipment