Pipecast Machines

The Teksam Pipecast machines are designed for the production of concrete pipes. The consolidation of concrete is accomplished by radial vibration produced by our special hydraulic vibrators. The vibratory forces are generated by a center mounted core vibrator firmly attached by means of expanding couplings. Like with all of our hydraulic vibrators it has infinitely adjustable amplitude and frequency. The frequency can be varied throughout the production cycle without interrupting or delaying the process. This means that the level of vibratory forces can continuously be adjusted to match the level of concrete in the mold.

Teksam Pipecast Machines are very suitable for the production of all known types of concrete pipes, whether they be reinforced or non-reinforced, with lining or without. The machines are also suitable for a dual station setup, which increases both output and product range. A dual station setup can include both a core vibration station and a station with a vibration table, where products such as manhole components, tanks, catch basin etc. can be produced.

A dual station solution means:

  • Reduced plant space
  • Reduced crane capability
  • Increased output
  • Reduced cost of concrete supply equipment

All obtained without a heavy increase in investment.

The Teksam Pipecast Machines are available in two variations – the CV1600 and the CV2600.


Machine Type

Minimum Diameter of Product

Maximum Diameter of Product

Maximum Length of Product


300 mm. / 1 foot

1600 mm. / 5 feet

3000 mm. / 10 feet


300 mm. / 1 foot

2600 mm. / 9 feet

3000 mm. / 10 feet