Products made on Teksam Machines

See some examples of the products our customers produce.


Manholes are one of the most common products in precast and drycast production. We design forms for a wide variety of shapes and configurations, including integral base sections and cone sections. Forms with hydraulic step formers and lift hole insert mechanisms are all possible.

Catch Basins

Catch Basin and other drainage structures can take many forms and with our vibration technology you can produce the widest assortment of shapes while maintaining the highest quality on the market.

Box Culverts

Teksam production stations for box culverts and other large precast products are in operation in many countries around the world. Currently stations are producing up to 12’ x 12’ (3.5m x 3.5m) sections 8’ (2.5m) tall.

Meter Boxes

Teksam Meter Box Machines were developed for high production of utility meter boxes for public and private utilities. Provisions for knockouts and bolt down covers are examples of the options available.

Meter Box Covers

Recently we developed a machine for producing meter box covers in a high production environment, allowing for special patterns and lettering on the surface.

Grade Rings

We have the most comprehensive lineup of Grade Ring Machines on the market, from single station manual to multi-station fully automated setups.

Median Barriers

Median Barriers can be efficiently and rapidly produced along with other products of the same general size.

Hog & Cattle Slats

Teksam Hog and Cattle Slat Machines are the only ones on the market that allow for direct stacking of fresh slats directly on top of each other - another example of our vibration technology providing production floor benefits.

Curb Stones

Curb Stones can be produced on a number of Teksam Production Stations.

Erosion Control Structures

Many different shapes used in erosion control can be produced on a Teksam Production Station.

Specialty Precast

This is the Imagineering part of Teksam, always known for developing new machines for customer driven applications. Some examples of our specialty capabilities: 16’ (5 meter) U-Channels Precast Guard Rails for Greenhouses