What we do

Our line of precast production stations covers a broad range of products from Grade Rings, Curb Stones and other small elements - to large Box Culverts weighing up to 40 tons.
All stations are based on our unidirectional vibration technology with variable frequency and amplitude.

By locking the molds securely to the table, and providing the right size vibrators, the customer can produce products with complicated and intricate geometries including inserts, cast in holes, and knockout panels with an even and complete level of consolidation throughout the finished element.

Based on customer requirements, we design a system based on a vibration table, which is engineered to fit the individual customers specific product range. Typically, a vibration unit is designed either as an X type table, normally used for round products; or a B type table used for products with a long narrow profile such as a median barrier. In recent years, the combination of the 2 types (X&B) has become more popular as it combines the best of the 2 systems, allowing our customers to make a broader range of products on the same machine.

Once the vibration system has been designed, we design the rest of the production station using 'the modular component' approach. The components such as Concrete Hoppers, Belt Feeders, Concrete Distributors and Press Heads are standardized for the different product categories, making it possible to produce a high degree of customization to meet customer needs in an efficient manner.

The end result is a machine that fits the customer needs perfectly using modular elements and vibration technology in a creative way.

In addition to supplying highly customized machines, we also supply a number of "standard" machines that will meet the requirements from customers who want to produce concrete products such as Adjusting Rings - Manhole Components - Pipes.

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